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The Manteca Bulletin has dedicated a lot of coverage lately to the gang shootings and issues we have been having here and in Lathrop. Over the weekend they reported the we intend to shift additional personnel out of investigative units and other special assignments to patrol to boost our response to the gang violence. I am not sure where they got that idea but it is not correct. We are at bare bones in all of these units and cannot afford to shift any additional personnel to patrol short of a significant emergency. This does not mean that we don't need to step up pressure on the gangs. Patrol, Detectives, and Street Crimes have all been doing a good job addressing gang crime are being as proactive as possible. But, we do need to get a handle on the problem before the hot weather gets here and school lets out for summer or we can expect even more violence.

Having said that, proactive operations are our best tool in dealing with our gang areas. Every time we have stepped up pressure on gangs we have seen it result in a reduction in violence and displacement of the gangs. We saw it work in Southside Park and the Crestwood area and it will work in other neighborhoods as well. We will be organizing gang patrols during evenings and weekends, sweeps, and gang focused operations. I will also be speaking to Lathrop Police Services to see if they want to participate and conduct the same operations in their city. I need everyone to take a zero tolerance position with gang members and gang residences. Enforce curfew, when appropriate tow their cars, report problem properties to code enforcement, FI and photograph suspected gang members and get the information to SCU. We need to use all of our resources to address this problem before we have a homicide.

This weekend there was a homicide in Stockton. The victim was driving a Crown Victoria with faded Police stickers on the side. He was stopped at a stop sign when a car pulled up beside him and opened fire. While the motive for the shooting is still under investigation, the fact that he was driving something that could have been confused with a police car should concern all of us. Officers in Hemit were recently targeted by the Vagos motorcycle gang and several attempts were made to harm officers, including attempts to bomb the police facility. Everyone needs to increase their vigilance, both on the street and at the station. Be careful out there and watch each other's backs.

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