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Back to School shopping [Guest Post]
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Back to School shopping [Guest Post]

Hi everyone! My name is Hope and I write the blog Hope and the Dress Code. I’m a school counselor and work in a district that with a dress code more like a corporation, less like a typical school.

Ok on to why I’m here: It’s almost time to go BACK TO SCHOOL shopping!! This is one of my favorite times of the year because it gives me free reign to go crazy-shopping with no guilt!! Totally kidding of course, I’m definitely working within a budget, but it does give me a set time of year to reevaluate pieces I need/want in my closet. Whether you work in education or not, this is a great time to add some new pieces to your work wardrobe.

My DREAM back to school shopping list is a mix of current trends and more classic pieces:

1. Mid-length skirt
I’m really digging this length, even for a shorty like me. There is nothing I’m more self-conscious about than my skirt lengths are work. The kids should not be subjected to the sight of my thigh when I sit down. Not-so-much appropriate. This mid calf skirt could solve that issue AND look current.

Love:J Crew- Jardin Skirt
2. Colorful Cardigans
Ok ladies, can you ever have enough cardigans? I think not. I’m coming out of a bit of a neutral kick so I’d love to add bright, vibrant cardigans to my closet. I have read countless blogs with RAVING reviews of the Land’s End Heritage Cardigan. When I checked it out, I couldn’t help but to drool over the number of colors they offer. Since cardigans are such a staple in my work wardrobe and I’m always looking for the next best one.

LOVE:Land’s End Canvas- Heritage Cardigan
3. Patterned Wrap dress
I’d love about a hundred “built-in” outfits like a simple wrap dress, though I might have to settle for just one or two. All it takes is a couple accessories (or cardigans, see #2) for me to change up the entire look.

Love:Ann Taylor- Peacock Feather Print Wrap Dress
4. Blazer
Ok probably a lot of you are thinking, “wow she’s a bit behind the times on this one” and to you I say: you’re so right! Being a bit heavy on top, I struggle to find jackets and blazers that are flattering. I’m not exaggerating when I say I do not have a single blazer in my closet that I can wear. I’m really looking for something with more of a casual feel, less “traditional” blazer.

Love:Loft- OE Missy Cetta Jacket
5. Animal print heels
Since leopard print flats had been on my wish list for over a year now (just couldn’t find the right ones), I decided to amp it up and go for HEELS instead. They appear to be an “in” thing for this fall and I’m always looking for interesting shoes to keep my pencil skirts looking fun.

Love:Franco Sarto- Luxe
I hope you liked “shopping” with me and a big thanks to Angeline for having me today!

Hope rocks super-stylish and creative outfits all while keeping them within her school's restrictive dress code. Check her out at Hope and the Dress Code.

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