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Spice up workplace outfits with color [Guest Post] | Community

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Spice up workplace outfits with color [Guest Post]
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Spice up workplace outfits with color [Guest Post]

I'm Kileen from cute and little and I couldn't be happier to guest post for Angeline as she moves across the country {how exciting, right?}!  I love Angeline's blog and how she shows wearable work-appropriate fashion for all of us 9-to-5ers out there.  In keeping with her theme, I wanted to share some tips on how I spice up my everyday workplace outfits with some color.  Dressing for the office doesn't have to mean greys, blacks, and beiges anymore.

  • Add color with accessories! 
    Accessories are by far the best starting point to adding fun bits of color to your outfit without looking going over the top.  Add a bright yellow belt and you'll be amazed at how much punch you just added to your look.  I also really love how necklaces also make any look just a little dressier.  A trend I'm really loving for the summertime is a bright turquoise color.  It brings a chic summer vibe to every look and you can't go wrong with this versatile color. 
  • Have fun with patterns and prints!
    Once you're comfortable enough with accessories, you can start branching out and experimenting with fun patterns and prints to add to your look.  In the warmer summer months, there are lots of options out there for tops with colorful prints and patterns that pair beautifully to give a neutral outfit some life.  And for those cooler winter months, you can always choose to layer a fun printed top under a blazer to give a chic yet still polished look!
  • Color block
    No doubt you've heard this term before this season.  Try mixing multiple bright colors together in solid blocks to create an incredibly eye-catching look.  Personally, I love pairing multiple jewel toned items together as these colors have a way of enhancing each other when grouped together.  Not to mention the fact that everybody looks classy in jewel tones {trust me, it's true!}. 

Thank you so much Angeline for letting me guest post while you're away!  We all hope you're having a safe move and can't wait for your return!

Kileen shares her personal style, which as you can tell is majorly fun and colorful, over at Cute & Little. Check her out!

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