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United Cerebral Palsy....Do you know what they do?

In San Joaquin County, UCP serves those with disabilities and their families.  They are a terrific resource. Contact ucpsj.org to see how they can help you.

Weekly Challenge: Hydration!

Weekly Challenge: Hydration!


Stylish Moms of Teething Babies

Stylish Moms of Teething Babies

It's true, you can be the mom to a beautiful teething, drooling baby and still be gorgeous and stylish!

I know this because I found this unique necklace made of unfinished natural wood beads wrapped and knotted in beautiful fabric that can be made of organic fabric that matches your style!

Oh... so... pretty!

Ashlee of TweetBabyDesigns on Etsy is the creator of these lovely necklaces. And I am in awe of how she finds the time to make them considering she is a stay at home mom to six home-schooled kiddos... I think her nickname should be Super Woman.

More about the necklaces...

The wood provides the perfect resistance and pressure to help babies cut their teeth and the fabric absorbs the fool that is inevitable at this teething stage.

The fabric is high quality, organic, designer, 100% cotton and the beads are unfinished wood.