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Delta College employee sought for embezzlement

There's an arrest warrant for a Delta College employee wanted on allegations of grand theft and embezzlement from the college.

The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office is accusing McKinzie Heavenly Harrison, who is also known as McKinzie Croney, with illegally using a credit card terminal at the college food court where she works to falsely "refund" funds from VISA and prepaid VISA cards onto her personal ATM and debit cards.

The district attorney's office claims Harrison stole a total of $4555.33 in that manner in nine transactions between May 3 and June 4 this year.

Investigators think the suspect has fled the Stockton area and may be visiting relatives in Alabama. Anyone with information on Harrison's whereabouts was asked to contact the Delta College Police Department at (209) 954-5000.

Family of Manteca man killed in Gaza strike

Family of Manteca man killed in Gaza strike

Even as the violence escalates following the breakdown of Friday's ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, some Palestinian-Americans are slowly learning about family members affected by earlier incidents.

Like many Palestinian-Americans, Manteca's Mohammad Elfarra has been watching the news from Gaza closely, but the worst report came in the form of a phone call from a friend in the West Bank.

"He said, 'hey give me a call back. We just saw something on the news that reported a family of eight from the Elfarra family in the Gaza Strip in Khan Younis, which is our home town, that they were killed in one air strike,'" Elfarra recalled.

Soon other family members began confirming the reports.

"There's no words for it until you experience it," Elfarra said. "You have nothing that can describe that pain and that hurt."

home invasion victim fights back, gets shot

STOCKTON, Calif. - Twenty-four-year-old Carlos Soto didn't hesitate a second when it was clear his Morada home was being broken into at 4 o'clock Tuesday morning.

"I had no other reaction than to go over there, hit the first guy and he fell. The other guy, the bigger guy, grabbed me from behind and tried to take me down. I wrestled in college, and when he grabbed me I threw him against the wall," Soto said.

What Soto didn't anticipate was getting shot and that's what happened as the robbers were trying to leave the home in the community just northeast of Stockton.

"I went to chase him and got to the door and felt my leg go numb. There was blood everywhere, got shot in the leg," Soto said.

Robber's father says police acted appropriately

Robber's father says police acted appropriately

STOCKTON (AP) - The father of a slain bank robbery suspect says Stockton police acted appropriately when they engaged in a gunbattle with his son.

The father of robbery suspect Alex Gregory Martinez, Greg Martinez, said Friday that he believes police's use of lethal force was justifiable. The suspect's girlfriend Monica Lam echoed Greg Martinez's sentiment.

"I don't condone what happened. I'm just as mad as everybody else, you know," Lam said. "We're all hurt and are still in shock."

Hostage Misty Holt-Singh was killed during the shootout. Greg Martinez expressed his condolences for her family.

"We'd like to send our condolences to the victim's family. We feel for them," Greg Martinez said.

Police seek driver in deadly Stockton bank heist

Police seek driver in deadly Stockton bank heist

STOCKTON (AP) - Stockton said they're looking for the driver of a car that was involved in a bank robbery and violent shootout that ended with three deaths, including a hostage.

The car was seen on the bank's surveillance cameras on Wednesday. On Friday, shortly after police released a photo of the car to the public, a tip led investigators to the car, which was found abandoned four miles away from the bank.


Girlfriend of slain Stockton shootout suspect speaks out

Girlfriend of slain Stockton shootout suspect speaks out

STOCKTON -The long-time girlfriend of a slain Stockton bank robbery suspect talked to News10 about Gilbert Renteria. She offered her condolences to the family of hostage Misty Holt-Singh, who died during a shootout between the suspects and police.

"It breaks my heart that they lost, that he lost his wife, that they lost their mother because my kids lost their father, so I can comprehend that, you know," Angelica Tovar said.

Tovar and Renteria had been dating for 11 years. They have two young children together, and a teenager from Tovar's previous relationship.

Tovar said Renteria had gotten into trouble in years past, but he had served his time. She said the man she knew was far different from the documented gang member described by investigators.

Tillamook cheese trailer, mini buses stolen from Manteca

Tillamook cheese trailer, mini buses stolen from Manteca

Five Tillamook dairy foods vehicles – a cargo trailer, a truck and three mini buses – were stolen early Saturday morning from a Manteca hotel's parking lot.

The cargo trailer, attached to a pick-up truck and loaded with the three mini buses, was taken between 12:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m. from the Hampton Inn at 1461 Bass Pro Drive, Manteca Police Sgt. Rob Armosino said.

The vehicles stolen are:

A 2008 Ford F350 that is custom painted orange with "Tillamook" painted in white along its sides and has the Oregon license plate number Y116821.

A Wells Cargo Trailer that has photos of the mini buses painted on its sides and has the Oregon license plate number TF1144.