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Stockton approves 'Project Ceasefire' | News

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Stockton approves 'Project Ceasefire'

STOCKTON, CA - A giddy Stockton City Council voted to approve a key element of it's Marshall Plan Tuesday by launching a program called "Project Ceasefire."

"I think we've proven with this, we have the knowledge and expertise on how to solve our crime problems," council member Dale Fritchen said.

Project Ceasefire was put to use before in Stockton, in 1998, and was considered a success. It's also been used in cities across the country, like Boston and Cincinnati.

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The program involves communicating clearly with known criminals and people on parole that if they don't take advantage of programs available in the community, they'll be dealt with as harshly as possible on the prosecution side.

"You have a choice: Continue on and we drop a house on your head and you're looking at long periods of incarceration. Work with us and we'll provide the support," said crime consultant David Bennett, in explaining the message.

Earlier in the day, Stockton was given more than $200,000 in state and county funding to pay for the program. Bennett said it would be early next year, when the targets of Project Ceasefire are brought to the table and given those options.

Stockton set a homicide record last year with 58 killings. This year the city has seen 49 homicides.

By Tim Daly, tdaly@news10.net


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