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Stockton's Marshall Plan leads to 9 arrests | Crime

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Stockton's Marshall Plan leads to 9 arrests

STOCKTON, CA - The first phase of Stockton's Marshall Plan is having some success with nine people being arrested over the past four weeks.

The arrests have come after U.S. Marshals joined Stockton police with the assignment of arresting the city's most serious criminals.

"We know these people are responsible for a lot of violence," police spokesman Pete Smith said. "Anytime we can get them off the streets there's a positive impact."

The name Marshall Plan, comes from the phrase used after World War II when Europe needed rebuilding. The name does not refer to U.S. Marshals working with local police.

Of the nine people arrested, one of them was on a so-called top 10 list of targets. Pitsamai Chansuriya was wanted for assault with a deadly weapon, spousal abuse, child endangerment and terrorist threats.

Other elements of Stockton's Marshall Plan have not yet come together. A committee of 20 people that will direct the plan hasn't met and a consultant costing the city $150,000 to assist, hasn't come to Stockton yet.

Stockton set a new homicide record in 2011 with 58. So far in 2012, there have been seven homicides, an average of about one a week.

By Tim Daly,  tdaly@news10.net


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