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Out-of-town gang members arrested for deadly Stockton stabbing | Crime

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Out-of-town gang members arrested for deadly Stockton stabbing

STOCKTON, CA -A deadly stabbing is the second violent act at the Waterfront Warehouse building in three days.

The victim was a 26-year-old man from a nearby neighborhood. Stockton police said he was stabbed multiple times after leaving the Chivitas nightclub after 2:00 a.m Saturday morning.

The downtown building, which houses offices and restaurants, was also the site of a shoot-out Thursday afternoon. Police said the incidents are not connected.

"We know it was a large fight outside of the Waterfront Warehouse that started in the Chivitas Nightclub," said Lt. Jim Pickens.

Police arrested Dorjan Lyndell Daniels, 24, of Fontana and Djuane Nunly, 26, of Rancho Cordova Saturday afternoon. The men were charged with murder, assault with a deadly weapon, and gang enhancement.

Stockton Police arrested the third suspect, Marcus Daniel McCliman of Loma Linda, 25, on Sunday around 2:00 a.m. McCliman turned himself in after hearing he was a suspect. He was booked for homicide and assault with a deadly weapon.

Stockton Police said the suspects are out-of-town gang members and the attack was fueled by a feud between Crypts and Bloods.

The victim, who is affectionately referred to by friends as "Jay-Jay," died at San Joaquin County Hospital. His female friend, who didn't want her identity revealed, said she grabbed Jay-Jay from the attack, getting her own arm sliced, and the men continued to stab Jay-Jay as she put him in her car. Police took her car as evidence.

According to Jay-Jay's friends, he was driven to the 500 block of Garfield Avenue. An ambulance tried to get in the neighborhood, but a car drove past firing off a gun. The ambulance had to wait before police arrived before it could provide aid to Jay-Jay.

Jay-Jay's close friends said they do not believe Jay-Jay is involved in a gang and that he was an innocent victim.

"He's an all-around good man. I never knew Jay to be a violent kid," said Kirby Deed, his former football coach, who said Jay-Jay played dominos with the neighborhood's retirees every evening.

"Jay-Jay was very respectful to all senior citizens," said Stephen Marzette.

"He's just a lovable type of person and I mean that from my heart."

"For the six years I knew the young man, I never saw him get upset with anybody," said Lee Crosby.

"He was always sweet, kind, and respectful to me."

The Chivitas Nightclub owners said they've given their surveillance video to police and that every person into the club gets scanned with metal detectors.

Waterfront Warehouse security officers said there are no cameras outside of the warehouse and armed security leaves at 10 p.m during the week and there is no security during the weekend.


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