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MAMA 2013 Your Vote Counts.
MAMA 2013 Your Vote Counts.

It is Fall in the Central Valley and that means one thing (well maybe not just one thing, but) voting has started for the Modesto Area Music Awards.

It is in its 14th year and going stronger than ever with 20 categories, and close to 200 nominees. Over the next month social networks will be alive with bands, venues, comedians and promoters getting the word out and vying for your votes.

You, the fans, friends and family are the ones who choose the final winners. The last few years I have pushed and promoted bands and venues in Stockton and San Joaquin and many of the bands I put my efforts behind have taken home a steel statue.

This year sees me moved back to Modesto and fewer bands from Stockton/San Joaquin nominated, so I have expanded my range to include Stanislaus County. A few of the categories I had a very hard time choosing my favorites but alas you can only choose one out of each.

Here are my picks for the 2013 Modesto Area Music Awards. Best Rock I have chosen to back Renegade Conspiracy one of the hardest most professional bands in the area today. Best Pop Rock (maybe should be called Reggae) since 8/10 are Reggae Bands; my pick is A La Lune a fantastic band that has been playing and supporting the scene for longer then most in the category.

The Alt Indie Category was the hardest for me to choose from. I am torn between Callbox, Moon Trent (the Susan Lucci of the MAMA) and Seanario (if he wins I will be accepting the award on his behalf.) I do hope Moon wins though.

Best Singer/Songwriter another tough one with so many great artist being represented, from Alida McKeon (the 16-year-old phenom), Christine McGrew (with a very soulful voice but who can also rock hard) and Joey No Knows Combo (who is more then likely the odds on favorite.) 

Modesto's homegrown favorite category Rockabilly/Psychobilly I throw my hat in with Darlin' Clementine female fronted Ukeabilly featuring members of the Refuzniks(who won 2 years ago when the category first popped up.) Metal always seems to get overlooked and is kind of the redheaded step child of the MAMA's, Clockwork Hero gets my nod more Hard Rockin' then Metal they are one of the hardest working bands in Northern California and are from Stockton.

Americana I wish Madie Boyd was not in this category, because I don't think it fits them quite right. I would love to see these kids win, but I have to give my Vote to the Wrong Doers.

Masked Avengers are my pick for Hip Hop/Urban these guys bring a very positive vibe to what they do and have performed with Hip Hop/Punk/Hardcore Bands you name it.

Blue Collar (or Cover Bands) I voted for Are We Him and would love to see them win but I predict that Triple D will be taking this one home. Best Jazz & Blues Wendi Maxwell & the Tres Hot Jazz Band get my support 100%, they are a fantastic group of young and older musicians and Wendi is one of the biggest supporters of the Arts in the area (and also from Stockton.)

There are two DJ categories and every year. I have no idea who to Vote for (Same goes for the Dance Club Promoter. I am and always will be an advocate for Live Music.)

For Venue it should be no surprise, Hero's(The Brewhouse) who since getting their live music permits in December have been doing more and more shows in a wide variety of genres. Restaurant/Cafe with Music is a hard one I give props to every venue, coffee shop, restaurant etc that allows live music, but since I can only choose one I voted for DEVA.

I am honored that for my first Comedy Show I will produce that there are 3 nominees that are performing. My first choices for this category are not nominated so I voted for Tom Bickle who will be hosting the show at Hero's on October 18th.

For Best Large Event I give my support to the Asparagus Festival and for Small Event or Series I give it to Modstock this year.

For Best Live Music Promoter, I am backing me (Middagh Goodwin), not only have I been doing shows in the 209 for over 25 Years, I have booked more shows than almost all the other promoters combined.

Last category and the next generation and future of music in the Central Valley, Best Youth Band this is a hard one to choose because all of them work so hard and have yet to truly blossom. Choose one I must and so I pick Time Value. Lets see what time holds for them and all the nominees of the 2013 Modesto Area Music Awards.

Voting ends and 11:59 on Monday October 21st and the Awards Ceremony will be held at the State Theatre in downtown Modesto on October 23rd. So take a moment and Vote www.modestoareamusic.com/vote 

Your vote does count.

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