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Rambling on a Thursday.

Here I am again!

I got a little behind on the blog - seems like life's river was moving too fast and I just got swept up in the current. Thankfully I didn't drown, but there was some flailing about. But I am back.

The way I post is being slightly changed - I realize I only have time to just spit out thoughts, quick, real, honest, and unkempt. Are you ready?

I have been sicker than a dog for two months. Sick with a cold, sinus infection, chest crap, and probably most annoying, nausea.

Found out in February that I am pregnant.

Thankfully only one baby.

That one baby is reeking havoc on my tummy.

Joshua has been transplanted. February 22 he received new lungs.

Joshua is still in Stanford, healing the best he can.

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Milk processor cuts waste by 98 percent

Organic Solutions Management technical director John Brenan,Chief engineer Matt Titus and sustainability and environmental program manager Tiffany Hooser worked to create Crystal Creamery’s award-winning sustainability program.

Business Journal writer

MODESTO — Crystal Creamery’s path to sustainable practices started in 2014 during a brainstorming session among its employees. The goal was to create a sustainable program to reduce food waste, promote socially responsibility, made sense economically and helped the company be a good neighbor to the environment.


Read more: Milk processor cuts waste by 98 percent appeared first on Central Valley Business Journal... Read More

The Manteca Bulletin

The Manteca Bulletin has dedicated a lot of coverage lately to the gang shootings and issues we have been having here and in Lathrop. Over the weekend they reported the we intend to shift additional personnel out of investigative units and other special assignments to patrol to boost our response to the gang violence. I am not sure where they got that idea but it is not correct. We are at bare bones in all of these units and cannot afford to shift any additional personnel to patrol short of a significant emergency. This does not mean that we don't need to step up pressure on the gangs. Patrol, Detectives, and Street Crimes have all been doing a good job addressing gang crime are being as proactive as possible. But, we do need to get a handle on the problem before the hot weather gets here and school lets out for summer or we can expect even more violence.

Fewer households struggling with foreclosure, delinquency

Fewer households struggling with foreclosure, delinquency

MODESTO — New foreclosure rate data indicates that foreclosures and delinquencies in the Stockton/Lodi and Modesto areas continue to dip on a year-over-year basis... Read More

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Small Business Administration to hold health care webinar

Small Business Administration to hold health care webinar

The U.S. Small Business Administration will hold a webinar Tuesday to discuss the impacts of the health care law on small businesses. The focus will be on the key federal and state provisions impacting small businesses... Read More

Zapien joins Board of Supervisors

Zapien joins Board of Supervisors

STOCKTON — Moses Zapien was scheduled to be sworn in to represent the 3rd District on the San Joaquin Board of Supervisors Monday morning... Read More