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UPDATE: Elderly Stockton man found safe

STOCKTON, CA - An elderly man who has been missing since Sunday night was found Monday. 

Stockton police spokesperson Margarita Valdivia said Frank Harris, 80, went missing during his walk on Sunday night after he left his home on the 4000 block of Kirsten Drive

According to Valdivia, Harris is afraid of the dark and likely laid down to hide somewhere. He was listed as at-risk due to the fact that he suffers from alzheimers and dementia, Valdivia said.

Harris is now home safe, police said.

Harris has disappeared before and was located under a Highway 99 overpass, near Cherokee Road.

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Stockton burglar goes through walls

STOCKTON, CA - Several businesses in an upscale Stockton neighborhood were burglarized early Monday with the suspect literally going through walls from one business to another.

It happened in Brookside, near the intersection of March Lane and Brookside Road.  Businesses victimized included VIP Pizza, Casa Flores Mexican Restaurant and Brookside Dry Cleaners.

"It's shocking: A sophisticated burglar, coming in one place and getting access all at one time.  It's amazing," said property owner Melissa McWeeney.

The burglar was caught on one of the victim's camera system, and he started at a vacant storefront, then pounded through the drywall of one business after another, stealing various items.

"I lost my money, my tv, my electronics --  it's a big pain," said Joan Wilton of Brookside Dry Cleaners.  She's had an especially rough few days after being held up at gunpoint at the same location last Friday.

Suspected intruder shot by Stockton homeowner

STOCKTON, CA - A man suspected of trying to break into a home on the 300 block of Berkshire Ln. in Stockton on Sunday was shot by the homeowner while trying to enter the house.

Stockton police reports indicate the homeowner was awoken around 3:00 a.m. by strange noises at the property. Upon investigating, he saw 23-year-old Yobenrico Well coming in through his child's bedroom window.

Fearing for the safety of his family, the homeowner shot Well who fled on foot, according to police reports.

Police were called and located Well in the area of Kentfield Rd. and March Ln. Well, who was suffering from a gunshot wound, was transported to a local hospital.

Evidence located by officers corroborated the homeowner's statement, police said.

Well was arrested and later released on his own recognizance.

Troubled Giants Sandoval begins rehab appearance in Stockton

STOCKTON, CA - Just as San Francisco Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval was preparing for his first rehab appearance for the San Francisco Giants Single-A affiliate, he was also the subject of an investigation by the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's Department in a sexual assault case.

The case is currently ongoing and no charges have been filed against Sandoval, who cooperated with authorities.

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old Sandoval played his first game with the San Jose Giants in Stockton, preparing to return to San Francisco's lineup later this week. He's been out since May 4 after suffering a broken hamate bone in his left hand.

Sandoval deferred to his lawyer and offered no comment when asked about the incident.

"I know you guys are goin to ask the questions but it's a process that's going on, so I cannot talk about it," Sandoval told News10 before the game on Saturday afternoon.

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2010 Rivera police shooting report still not ready

STOCKTON, CA - The San Joaquin County District Attorney's Office still hasn't released a report about the Stockton police shooting in July of 2010 that took the life of 16-year-old James Rivera.

Rivera's family took part in the noisy downtown demonstration on Thursday that also involved two busloads of people from the Occupy Oakland movement.

"I know I won't get closure, but I want to know what happened that day," said Rivera's mother on Friday.

Dionne Smith-Downs isn't satisfied that nearly two years after the fatal shooting, she still isn't clear on why it happened.

"I feel it should have been completed in 90 days; it's only right.  I 90 days, we should have had something," said Smith-Downs.

Stockton IT tech sentenced for using personal client info

SACRAMENTO, CA - A Stockton information technology technician was sentenced to 57 months in federal prison for illegally accessing computer files for the personal information of more than 1,450 people.

Prosecutors charged 39-year-old Michael Garcia with using that information to make counterfeit driver's licenses to open bank accounts, obtain loans, and make unauthorized purchases and cash withdrawals.

Garcia was employed by a company that provided IT services to a law firm and an accountant firm. The victims were clients and employees of the two companies.

According to federal court records, when arrested, Garcia had fake California licenses in his possession, one of which had his photo but with the name of a victim.

Garcia was found guilty of fraud.

UOP enrollment up despite Stockton's problems

STOCKTON, CA - Stockton's 24 murders this year to date are triple the homicide rate last year. The city is also dealing with a July 1 deadline to reach on a balanced budget or a bankruptcy filing.

Still, despite Stockton's bad press, the University of the Pacific is growing.

"We have record enrollment again this year," said UOP Associate Provost Dr. Rob Alexander. "Our new student enrollment is 3,750 students. That's up 200 from last year."

The university said it saw an increase in transfer students after many public colleges cut funding for programs. Transfer students from community colleges or public universities are enrolling in UOP to take classes no longer offered in their schools.

UOP also has three highly acclaimed academic schools: dentistry, law and pharmacy. Current UOP students said they don't see Stockton's problems as UOP's problems.