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Stockton police: Mail carrier accosted, 3,500 pieces of mail stolen

STOCKTON, CA - Thieves assaulted a postal carrier in Stockton Thursday afternoon and stole 3,500 pieces of mail, according to police.

The hold-up at gunpoint took place at Cabana Way and Continental Way. The mail carrier told officers he was adjusting the mail in his delivery truck when a man came up behind him and pushed his head down into the back of the truck. A second man pointed a large caliber handgun at him while a third man served as look-out.

According to Stockton police one of the thieves used duct tape to tie the postal worker's hands behind his back.

The trio then stole the mail, leaving the victim in his truck.

"Robberies do happen. They are rare, but they are serious. It's a federal offense. We have a standing $50,000 reward," said postal inspector Jeff Fitch.

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PHOTOS: $2,500 reward offered in Stockton dog cruelty case

STOCKTON, CA - A Sacramento-based animal protection group is offering a $2,500 reward to catch the people who attached an explosive device to the neck of a small spaniel mix dog.

The resulting blast on Wednesday created a deep gash roughly 10 inches long and may leave the dog with permanent hearing loss.

PHOTOS: 'Rocket' recuperating after deep gash caused by explosive

Veterinary staff caring for the dog said the outcome could have been much worse considering the power of the explosion.

"It's quite a miracle that he's still alive right now," said Madi Fawn, a veterinary technician at the Family Pet Hospital in Stockton.  "He's quite a trooper."

The dog was originally described as a dacshund, but Fawn said it was actually a spaniel long-haired chihuahua mix.

Stockton judge denies TB patient's release request

STOCKTON, CA (AP) - A California judge has refused to release a tuberculosis patient who was jailed and charged after allegedly refusing to take medication to keep his disease from becoming contagious.

San Joaquin County Judge Brett Morgan on Wednesday denied 34-year-old Armando Rodriguez's request for release.

The Record of Stockton reports the judge said he was uncomfortable releasing Rodriguez because of his methamphetamine and alcohol use and past behavior.

Health officials say Rodriguez failed to take the medication on his own, once telling a nurse he had gone on an alcohol binge and taken methamphetamine and didn't want to hurt his liver.

He pleaded not guilty Wednesday to misdemeanor charges of refusing to comply with a tuberculosis order.

His public defender, Timothy Garrigan, says health officials have not looked at alternatives to jailing Rodriguez.

Stockton dog rigged with explosive is hurt

STOCKTON, CA - What did the dog do to them?

Stockton police say two people, a man and a woman, were seen attaching an explosive device to a dog first described as long-haired dachshund Wednesday morning. Police later said the dog is a spaniel variety.

"The device is being described as an M-80 type device," said  Officer Joseph Silva.

The device exploded and injured the dog.

Neighbor Charles Sloan saw the dog earlier in the morning. "I saw a little brown weiner dog with a shaggy-looking face running around here barking," said Sloan.

He doesn't know who the dog belonged to but it was hanging out in front of his home for about three days before the incident.

Officers were called to the incident in the area of Townehome Drive and Bianchi Road at 11:14 a.m. They took to the dog to a local veterinarian where it was treated for its non-life-threatening injury, Silva said.

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EB Highway 4 in Stockton reopened

STOCKTON, CA - Two of three lanes of eastbound Highway 4 were open to traffic again Wednesday evening following the overturn crash of a tanker truck and spillage from the tanker.

A CHP officer on scene said two other vehicles were  involved the 12:22 p.m. crash. Those vehicles appeared to have minor to moderate damage.

According to the preliminary investigation, a car cut off the tanker and the driver swerved to avoid it. That caused the tanker to overturn and jackknife, blocking lanes.

The tanker was carrying a fertilizer and water mix, some of which leaked out. A Hazmat unit and Caltrans contained the spillage from flowing further into storm drains. The California Department of Fish and Game was also called to assess the threat to stormwater.

The truck driver complained of pain but chose to not go to the hospital, the CHP said.

Teen wounded in Stockton drive-by shooting

STOCKTON, CA - One man is in custody for weapons and resisting arrest charges in connection with a drive-by shooting Wednesday afternoon in which a 17 year old was shot several times.

The teen was in stable condition at a local hospital, according to Stockton police.

The shooting took place on the 8400 block of Don Avenue at 1:19 p.m. The victim told officers he was a passenger in a car when another car drove by and its occupants opened fire, hitting him.

Officers obtained information from several other individuals about the possible suspects. That led them to Daniel Galindo, 36. When Galindo resisted arrest, officers said, a police K-9 was sent in to detain him.

According to the police report, officers searched Galindo's residence and vehicle and recovered two sawed-off shotguns as well as other evidence allegedly linking him to the shooting.

Stockton woman sexually assaulted in parking lot

STOCKTON, CA - The Stockton Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in locating a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in the parking lot of a property on May 5.

Officer Joseph Silva of the Stockton Police Department said the woman was in the lot of a property on the 2200 block of Grand Canal Blvd. around 12:10 a.m. when she was grabbed by the man and sexually assaulted.

Following the assault, the man fled in a burgundy or red vehicle with large chrome rims and tinted windows, said Silva.

The suspected assailant was described as an Hispanic man with brown eyes, dark hair fashioned in a crew cut, and a dark mustache. He was listed as approximately 25 to 30 years old, 5'10" tall, and weighed about 200 pounds. Silva said the man has full sleeves of tattoos on both forearms, and a large tattoo of cursive writing on the back of his neck. He also has a small scar on the outer edge of his left eyebrow.